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J. Lee

Could it be Jamaica???
I'm planning a trip to JA in April and after all the snow and double-digit wind-chills here in Toronto, I really wish I were there now.

Looking forward to some new quick and easy recipes on your blog.
Enjoying the baby pics too!


jamaica or carribean, is that the same??

Kat, not quite! Jamaica is to the Carribean as Hawaii is to Polynesia. -Amy

J. Bishop

Thanks so much for this blog - I wondered where this hat went. The timing is perfect and we'll think of Shuma while we're in N__. He looks adorable and we have to get him there in person - he looks like a beach baby to us.

Oh, don't go giving it away! I've deleted the spoiler for now, and yes- he is for sure a beach baby! Can't wait to be there with you! -Amy


Such a handsome, happy little guy, with such big personality! These shots are adorable :D

My guess is...if it's not Jamaica, The Bahamas?


Qu'il est adorable avec son petit bonnet rasta !!
Et toujours ce sourire :)

He's always smiling in pictures, but in real he can be a monster! -Amy


From the little hint in your mom's comment I'm guessing Nassau, Bahamas :p


Hi Amy,

From the photos and the commentary, I think the mystery country is Goofeenia. Or maybe Bizarrestan.

Great pics and pecs,

Baboo, swapping snow for sand

No, Goofenia and Bizarrestan are his ancestral homelands (paternal and maternal, respectively). Have a great time, and make a sandcastle or two for us! -Amy


Je lis votre blog depuis un moment mais c'est la 1ère fois que je manifeste . J'adore voir vos photos également .

Sur la 1ère photo, Shuma me fait penser à un sumo . Trop marrant .
Bonne Année


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